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Key Information

Internet activity monitoring
UC.LAN is the award winning, real-time, network and Internet activity monitoring solution, from HyperScape PLC.

ICE technology
Utilising the unique HyperScape™ ICE™ technology, UC.LAN achieves unparalleled performance on a single control PC.

Minimum specification
One control PC to used for capture and administration:

Intel PIII-450MHz • 128MB of RAM • 30MB free disk space • 2GB+ disk space
Microsoft NDIS compliant network adapter that supports promiscuous mode
Microsoft Windows NT4.0 or 2000 with latest Service Packs
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or higher (supplied on UC.LAN CD-ROM)

Recommended specification
As above except:

•Intel PIII-500MHz • 256MB of RAM • 100GB+ disk space (for capturing)

hot Features

Real-time monitoring
Monitors network and Internet activity in real-time from one control PC. Captures content direct from the Internet gateway.

Easy-to-use; intuitive user interface, enabling non-technical managers to gain vital information without having to learn complicated software.

Captures and stores network and Internet content (e-mail, web, news, file transfers) ready for visual interrogation, passively: without additional network load.

Just like C.C.T.V. for your network; easily review content, including all attachments in e-mails, newsgroups and file transfers as UC.LAN visually remodels user activity.

Stats. and Charts
Comprehensive charting and statistical reports on network usage, bandwidth etc.

Admin. friendly
An administrators dream; a UC.LAN reality:

Easy to install
No client roll-out
No network load
No maintenance
Low resource requirement

Benefits by the barrel load

Content knowledge
Plug yourself in to the information stream and discover moles, leaks and asset losses. Know what content is being sent and received on your network.

Reduce legal liability
Comply with government legislation, employment law and put a halt to liable, harassment and illegal activities.

Forensic Analyser
Provides clear and tangible evidence that can be presented in a court of law. Have the proof that is required to counter false accusation.

Disaster Recovery
Turn e-mail and data disasters into minor incidents. Recover all e-mails (including attachments) that were sent or received and files that were downloaded uploaded.

Always on
Unlike other monitoring technologies, UC.LAN has been designed to withstand an always-on environment, thus enabling persistent usage.


Increased productivity
Users inherently stop abusing company time and become more productive as less time is wasted.

Freedom with responsibility
Promote responsible usage rather than prohibition. Empower users to reap the business rewards that the Internet can provide.

Efficient company
Managers immediately discover the shortcomings in their business areas and are information equipped to make changes to drive business efficiencies.

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