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Uni Payroll has been designed to generate, manage and look after the Employee Details and payroll process of various organizations. It is capable of marking attendance, calculating various Salary Components, generating Pay-slips (and various other salary reports) according to end User Requirements.

Key features of the Software are listed below:

Totally Customizable Addition/Deduction Rules to encompass:
  Effect of Addition/Deduction 
    (One-time/Continuous/Up to Balance)
Mathematical Equation of Standard Salary     Components.
Actual Presence of Employee
Dependency upon Basic pay/Gross pay.
Half days
Weekly Off
Paid Holidays
Overtime Rate
PF & ESI Rate
Comprehensive Reports:
Pay slips
Monthly Salary Statement
PF/FPF Statement
Overtime Register
LIC Statement
Bonus Statement
Salary Increment with Retrospective Effect
Full and Final Settlement Receipt
Incentive Statement
Reimbursement Statement
Legal Statements:
Form 12-A Statement for PF
Form 3(a) Statement for PF
Form 6(a) Statement for ESI
Form 6(a)(Revised) Statement for PF
Form 5 & 10 Statement for PF
Form 7 Statement for ESI
Form 24 and 16
Customizable Security and Access Levels

Note: Additional features that your organization requires can be integrated in the software, at a very nominal price, (chargeable according to the requirements). And if your requirement can convince us to include it in our next release of this software, we assure you that customization of software for such modifications would be made for you, absolutely free of charge!!!

For a demonstration of this Software at your place you are requested to kindly send us an Email at:

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