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Uni Recruiter has been designed to generate, manage and look after the Applicant Resume Details and search and mail process of Placement organizations (agencies). This software is capable of storing, updating, searching, mailing facility for client’s requirements and applicant call letters with attachments (and various other reports) according to end User Requirements.

Key features of the Software are listed below:

Master Entities
  Category: Used for creation of categories.
Sub Category: Used for creation of sub categories under categories.
Country: Creation of countries.
City: Creation of cities under countries.
Degree: Creation of Degrees.
Language: Creation of Languages.
Designations: Creation of Designations.
Job type: Creation of Job Types.
Clients: Creation of clients.
Applicant: To store records of applicants.
Search Settings: To specify conditions of search
Mail >> To client and To Applicant: To send mails to clients and applicant for contacts.

Comprehensive Reports
Searched Reports can be saved
earched Reports can be reused and updated
Hard copies can be Generated
Can be attached to Mails
Call letters can be generated for applicants

Customizable Security and Access Levels
User creation with different access levels
Web Linking
The most innovative feature is the linking facility with Internet, i.e. in this software we will provide a web interface through which the client’s candidates can upload/ submit their resume online, which will automatically be PORTED into their local database. The price for this feature will be extra.
  For a demonstration of this Software at your place you are requested to kindly send us an Email at:

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