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School Automation System


Application Software:
» The System Architecture is a Client/Server Solution
» Visual basic has been used as the Programming Language
» The System has a consistent, predictable and uniform Graphical User Interface (GUI) for
ease of use

» The Application Software is Window Based, i.e. runs on Win32 Platforms

» The software can run on MS Access and MS SQL Server as backend
» The Data Entered is validated immediately
» Data updated in one module is reflected in other modules in Real Time.
The Database Structure has been designed to seamlessly integrate various modules of the software

» Facilities for Database Backup and System Security are integrated in the Application Software

Software Modules:
The Integrated School Automation System must incorporate the following functions:

» Student Registration
» Student Admission
» Student Details and Fee Structure
» Fee Collection System
» Library Management
» Staff Record and Payroll Management
» Timetable Automation
» Reporting
» Authorization and System Management

Specifications for the above modules:
i. Student Registration: Student Registration is the first entry point of a Student Record. The following fields are covered in the Students Registration Form:

» Registration No. (Automatically generated)
» Student Name (Title/First/Last/Middle)
» Gender
» Date of Birth
» Category (Gen. /ST/ SC etc.)
» Class (In which admission is sought)
» Last School Attended (with class, pass-fail status, %age) (If applicable)
» Parents Information(Mother/Father/local guardian Details) including
Name, Age, Qualification, Occupation, Phone No.(s)

» Languages Known
» Local Address
» Permanent Address
Student Admission: The Admission Form covers the following fields:
» Student Registration No
» Student Registration Details (Defined Above)
» Student Enrolment/Admission No.
» Date of Admission
» Class (In which admission is sought)
» Section (Allotted by the School Administration)
» Transport Facility Required. (Yes/No)
» Transport Route (If Transport Facility Availed)
» Fee Starting Date
» Refundable Security
» Details of Brothers and Sisters studying in school
» Documents Provided/Submitted (For e.g Birth Certificate etc.)

After a Student has been registered (Student Registration Module), the complete Registration Record can be retrieved automatically just by specifying the Registration No. in the Admission Form. Alternatively the required fields may be entered directly in the Admission Form

Fee Structure of Students: The Fee Structure for the student will be created in this module.

» The various Fee Heads and their Class wise Rates would be pre-defined

» Some of these are Pre-Defined, while a few would be optional, depending upon some optional facilities availed by the student. For e.g. Computer Lab Fee is for students who have opted for Computer Science as a subject.

» The Fixed heads would be automatically summed up along with the optional heads to define the Fee Structure of the student.

» Transport Fees would be calculated according to the route specified during admission and summed up in the Student’s Fee

» The fee structure will also define the Due dates for collection of certain fee Heads (For e.g. Examination fees as Quarterly Fee Head, to be collected at Specified months of the year)

» The Period when the fee becomes due for a student will also be defined, violating which Late Fee fine becomes applicable. (There would be an option to waive late Fee Fine, but only after System Authorization)

» The dates between which Fee receipt is allowed.

» Fee Receipt Generation facility

» Daily Fee Collection Register facility

» Pupil’s Fund Collection Register facility
Library Management: The School Library Management would be automated through this Module. This module has been designed to automate, manage and look after the over-all processing of even very large-scale libraries.

This software is capable of managing Book Issues, Returns, Magazine/Newspaper Subscriptions, Calculating/Managing Fine and Balances of payments due from Members (Students and Staff), generating various Reports for Record-Keeping and Review purposes, according to end user requirements.

This software is fully compatible with Bar-Code based management. Use of Bar-Codes for Library Management eases the everyday tasks of big Libraries, where the No. of transactions exceeds several thousands in number. Moreover, the software can work even without Bar-Codes seamlessly. The Bar-Code generation and printing process is a Built-In feature of this Software


Key features of the Software are listed below:
  » Book and Member Record management with the help of Bar-Codes (Optional)
» Customizable grouping of members under various Categories and Classes
» Customizable Fine Settings for various Categories of Members (Fine per day/Book return Period etc.)
» Membership Subscription Period management (Optional)
» Member's Fine Balance management facility
» Powerful Search Facility for Book and Member Search based on various Search Criteria
» Barring of Book Issues to Book and/or Fine Defaulters (Optional)
» Comprehensive Fields for Books and Member's Record to suit all requirements
» Magazine/Newspaper Subscription management facility
» Multiple Library Location setup feature
» Complete management of records of Book-Donor, Vendor, Publisher, Author, Locations, Subjects, Categories, Designations/Classes, Rack-Shelf etc.
» Book-Reservation facility (Optional)
» Bar-Code Printing Facility for Books and Members
» Comprehensive Reports:
» Book Issues/Returned/Due etc.
» Books Purchased
» Books Recd. in Donation
» Books in Default
» Members Fine Report
» Fine balances of Members
» Payments Recd by Members
» Authors
» Publishers
» Vendors
» Book Donors
» Subjects
» Categories
» Members Categories & Rules
» Complete Book Catalog
» Books Purchased
» List of Holidays
Staff Record and Payroll Management: The School Staff Record and Payroll Management would be automated through this Module.

Pay Solution has been designed to generate, manage and look after the Employee Details and payroll process of Schools. This software is capable of marking attendance, calculating various Salary Components, generating Pay-slips (and various other salary reports) according to end User Requirements

Key features of the Software are listed below:
» Salary Calculation according to Attendance
» Up to Nine Fully Customizable Additions and Deductions in addition to the standard Salary Components, {where standard components include: Basic Pay/Wages, DA, HRA, Conveyance, PF, FPF, ESI and LIC Salary
» Multiple Department/Categories for Grouping
» Totally Customizable Addition/Deduction Rules to encompass:
» Effect of Addition/Deduction {One-time/Continuous/Up to specified Amount}
» Mathematical Equation of Standard Salary Components.
» Actual Presence of Employee
» Dependencies upon Basic pay/Gross pay.
» Half days
» Weekly Off
» Paid Holidays
» Overtime Rate
» PF & ESI Rate

» Comprehensive Reports:
» Payslips generation
» Monthly Salary Statement
» PF/FPF Statement
» Overtime Register
» LIC Statement
» Bonus Statement
» Salary Increment with Retrospective Effect
» Full and Final Settlement Receipt
» Incentive Statement
» Legal forms e.g. Form24, Form16, Form 6(a) etc.

Timetable Automation: This module facilitates Automatic Generation of School Timetable.

This module is designed to incorporate the following points
» Faculty preferences acc. to their subjects, Min. & Max. weekly (or Daily) Load
» Class/Section wise minimum weekly requirements of Subject periods
» Lab. Allocation acc. to requirements
» Facility for Group Classes
» Automatic Handling of Time Period Clashes
» Weekly/Daily Timetable can be Viewed Class-wise as well as Faculty-wise

Reporting: All the above mentioned modules will work on a combined database structure.
This will facilitate generation of necessary Reports at real time. There would be a facility to review multiple reports on the screen at the same time for analysis. Various Reporting Criteria are available to view and filter the Reports, i.e. date-wise, student-wise, class/section wise reports. Other facilities include exporting to MS Word Format, MS Excel, Text Files etc.

Authorization: Each module and each task of the School Automation System has its own Level of Security and requires Pre-Defined level of Authorization. Whole of the Authorization System is customizable acc. to the requirement.

For e.g.:
1. An operator of Library Mgt. System may not have the rights for managing Payroll data.
2. A user may be Given Rights to Mark fee Payment, and at the same time denied access to waive the ‘Late Fee Fine’

These levels of the Authorization System are definable by the Super User/System Administrator.

Estimated Time Required for customization and installation: 2 months

For a demonstration of this Software at your place you are requested to kindly send us an Email at:

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