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Unidocs Server is a platform for the development and operation of high-performance, large-scale content management and delivery applications. It supports highly personalized extraction of informational, educational, entertainment and product content. The solution enables customers to combine content and services into personalized and branded user experiences for a variety of audiences. It also enables digital rights management

It provides the ability to acquire streams of information from internal and external sources, redefine them as reusable content assets and deliver them to diverse targets. By using features such as the ability to separate form from content allows Business Managers and Developers to focus on their specific responsibilities and be productive.

Key features of the Software are listed below:

Key advantages of Unidocs:
Content-driven Digital Document Management solution
Rapid deployment of full-featured solutions
Control of content and behavior by non-technical users for fresher content and more interesting, compelling sites – eliminates the IT bottleneck
Flexibility to accommodate diverse business models, including support for multiple business units and sales channels as well as support for catalogs, purchase orders, subscriptions, invoices, digital goods etc
An open platform that easily extends and integrates with other applications such as customer service
Proven mission critical stability including security, reliability, scalability, availability and performance
The Unidocs Server Enterprise Edition solution includes:
  o Content management
  o Content delivery
  o Access Control
  o Sophisticated Relationship management

Platform Features and Benefits
100% pure .NET Application
Improved Feature
Known and widely accepted architecture and programming model
Flexible and dynamic deployment
Ease of business logic integration and customization
Rapid learning curve, available skills

Enterprise Class Platform
High performance, scalability and availability
Load balancing, clustering and failover capabilities
Security, authentication and authorization
Supports integration with other Enterprise Information Systems and application or network monitoring tools
Application Server Support
No application Server Required
Provides a content management solution on a uniform, enterprise wide platform, with services for development, deployment and operation.
Ease of integration with other applications on same platform (via shared state and session objects)
Flexible Design Model
Page design in XML for presentation logic
Cache Management (Enabled on demand)
Page, component, template, image and result set caching
Cache validity management (expiration and updates) across multiple instances
100% observed performance gains with cache management
Presentation Management
Separation of content from presentation
Component based page design
Dynamic page assembly and presentation
· Facilitates content reuse and presentation reuse
Easy re-purposing of content for a multitude of devices and presentation forms
Intuitive interface
An easy-to-use interface makes it possible for business managers such as marketers, product managers, and reviewers to perform editorial tasks without requiring IT intervention.
This improves productivity, minimizes bottlenecks and lowers the total cost of ownership of the content management system.
Browser-based content entry and modification
A browser-based interface enables remote contribution of content and minimizes IT headaches of managing client software.
Thin client architecture reduces the overhead of upgrades.
A hierarchical view of a documents provides an easy to follow view of the assets belonging to a particular group.
The Tree organizes the cabinets and binders.
Role based authentication
User registration and profile management
Flexible access control lists (ACL)
Access control based on ACL.
Search Integration
Search by specific metadata attributes of the content
Super Linking
Any piece of content (e.g. article, image, document) is treated as a reusable, self-contained asset.
Content assets can be associated, cross-referenced, and work flowed together.
This enables enterprises to maximize their investment by providing a comprehensive, consistent view of a take advantage of the asset management features.
Each document can be personalized using various tools. Even those who have just read only rights can personalize it. Advanced personalization capabilities can be obtained with Unidocs Viewer:

Highlighter in multiple colors

Sticky notes in various colors. A great tool to add your remarks to the document without editing it. This notes will not cover any portion of you document. The automatically become visible the moment you reach the section containing the note.

Thumbpins - These are pin size images that can be inserted at various sections of the document to make that section better visible.

Headings - these can be inserted at various sections in the document.

Alarm - Each personalization mentioned above can be linked to alarm. On designated time , you will receive a mail/ screen pop up with the personalization (contents that are highlighted, contents between images, contents of sticy notes etc)

Transfers - the various contents of personalization can be transferred to your email, in a separate document, PDA and also exported to other document.

Unidocs can export content in multiple formats to flat files, including HTML and XML.

A single piece of content may be published to differently. This is particularly important for co-branding applications or simultaneous publishing to the Web and wireless devices.

The personalization is like putting a glass sheet on top of a document and personalizing. Each document can be personalized differently by each user.
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